Heavy Metal Military Aviation Girls

"Time Crunch" by Jordan Rudess from Rhythm of Time


How do you make keyboards not slow and lame?  You make it loud and fast.  Jordan Rudess makes keyboarding in heavy metal awesome!  He plays in Dream Theater, and used to play with the Dixie Dregs.

Loud. Fast. Awesome.

"CAFO" by Animals as Leaders from Animals as Leaders


I was listening to my AWESOME Dream Theater station on Pandora Radio, then I was like: “What a hell is this?” but then I was like: “What a hell was that?”  It was Animals as Leaders.  At first I thought, maybe this is Jazz Metal… but then I though, with a stroke of Genius, maybe it is Metal Jazz… either way it blew my mind.

If John Petrucci, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Al Di Meola, and Jimmy Hendrix went out for dinner, they would never agree on a restaurant… but if they all got tickets for Animals as Leaders, they would all go.  It is so out there it is something that would inspire even virtuosi like the dudes I mentioned… because when you are already awesome, what do you want to hear?  More Awesome!  That is what Animals as Leaders is…  More Awesome.

Animals as Leaders rocks, and it is the brain-child of Toni Abasi, the main guitarist.  All I can say is… D-A-Y-A-M!!!!

Ommegang Special “Game of Thrones” Edition Red Ale 
In celebration of the premiere of the 4th season, Game of Thrones “Fire and Blood” Red Ale… Damn!!!

Ommegang Special “Game of Thrones” Edition Red Ale 


In celebration of the premiere of the 4th season, Game of Thrones “Fire and Blood” Red Ale… Damn!!!

"Stars" by Ronnie James Dio and Metal Friends from Hear N’ Aid


When Michael Jackson’s “We are the World” video came out in the 80’s it was an effort to get musicians together to raise money for a seemingly good cause.  It was apparent that heavy metal musicians were not welcome in the effort (the closest was Journey’s Steve Perry, but please…), after all, everyone knows that these rock musicians were only interested in money, booze, drugs, girls (well, some of them), and off course, worshiping the devil.  It was proved then, a few years later, and recently that the mainstream music industry in the United States has no interest in understanding or accommodating heavy metal, even though it is undeniable that heavy metal musicians are leagues more talented than the pop, hip-hop, and country musicians that are seemingly the only acceptable form of music available… seriously, please, at least heavy metal musicians know how to play their own instruments, and write their own materials.

Since metal musicians were not good enough to join Michael Jackson and other pop stars, heavy metal master Ronnie James Dio (RIP) decided to gather his metal friends circa 1985 to raise money on their own for starving children in Africa.  The effort was known as Hear N’ Aid, and it featured a song called “Stars”.  It included vocals by several popular metal singers, as well as guitar solos by the masters of the time.  Just the fact that spoof-band Spinal Tap is present in the event seems to poke fun into how insane it is that no one from the metal community was present in the “other” project.  [Spinal Tap was conceived as a sort of Saturday Night Live actors side project; a fictional heavy metal band.]

So, to the mainstream music scene of the past, present and future, PPPPFFFTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!  Take your uninspired, untalented, low-threat, mass-produced commercial music away from here.  Enjoy this extended version of the song with all the guitar solos.  Try to identify all the people in the video who make this world a better place.

"Holy Diver" (DIO cover) by Killswitch Engage from Disarm and Descent


I don’t know much about Killswitch Engage, but I know a lot about Ronnie James Dio. So if that band covers Dio, then they must be made of stone, and they must float like a duck, so… A WITCH!!! Burn them anyway!!!!  

(Seriously, my personal thank you for covering Dio… you are keeping him alive in my view, and that means you got a new fan.)

"White Wedding" (Billy Idol cover) by the Murderdolls from Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls


Like Tabasco sauce, Murderdolls is often imitated, but never duplicated. Listen to this family-values-based ballad from the Murderdolls… why the heck not?

"People Hate Me" by the Murderdolls from Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls


Every once in a while, a band comes along that really makes a difference.  They influence… they inspire… they transcend the mere existence as musicians and elevate the art into something that is truly beyond definition. Let me know when you find them. Meanwhile listen to a song that manages to offend people that have not even been born yet.  Well done. Well done indeed.  Cheers.

"The Howling" by Within Temptation from The Heart of Everything


Within Temptation is a symphonic metal band from Holland, and I’d venture to say one of the pioneers in the genre, with super-talented vocalist Sharon den Adel being a part of the band since the beginning.  This song is from their 2007 album.  Enjoy.  I said ENJOY!!!

AC/DC Cover “Highway to Hell” by 2CELLOS (featuring Steve Vai)


Back in the Baroque days, being a harpsichord player or a violin player was like, being a lead guitarist.  It makes no sense that being a cello player is now the new guitar… whaaat?  Thanks to very talented musicians such as the cello players from Apocalyptica and the cello duo 2CELLOS, we now have a whole new category of metal-ish music we have to consider.

This song is from AC/DC.  If you don’t know who they are, go to church and repent.  The stars are the two players from 2CELLOS, who happen to be two dudes who play the cello (some people don’t get that).  And who best to have as a guest than metaphysical mystic guitar maestro Steve Vai.  By the way, according to some highly credible and confidentially secret sources, it is believed that Steve Vai is an alien from planet Prime 783 from dual solar system 23, from unnamed galaxy 56 of the Nebulosa 5 galaxy, which happens to be in the top left back corner of the known universe, in the corner of Brodway (where the lambs lie down), and Detroit (rock city).

I have no idea what this all entails, but it is a pretty cool video in which Steve Vai rocks on with 2 cello players.  And I think this means something, you know, pretty important.

"Daft Punk" [medley] by Pentatonix from PTX Vol II


Many (rightly-called) dictators and (so-called) prophets make exceptions for themselves whenever they want to break the rules, justifying that some deity told them they could deviate, or some other (probably made-up) excuse.  Well, since I am the supreme dictator for life of this tumblr page (until I die, or until tumblr gets tired of my mind-numbing posts), I am using my divine rights to make a huge exception on the heavy metal theme…  Let’s face it, if there was no heavy metal, and I had to chose a reason to keep living, I would have to fall back on electronica, and I hear from uh… a friend that listens to electronica… that Daft Punk is the bomb (I believe the right terminology is “da bomb”).

<METAL EXCEPTION>But that is not the point.  Pentatonix is an a capella group which is best known for renditions of music (mostly pop) using no instrument besides their voices.  Yes, their voices.  What you see and hear in this homage to Daft Punk is produced by five voices… including all the sound effects… yes, all produced by their voices.  The video is hypnotic.  The song is a medley of different Daft Punk songs, and it is awesome.  I am extremely jealous of their talents, so for that reason, I will cry like a baby because I lack the talent they have.</METAL EXCEPTION>

Of course I am not crying, because there is no longer a metal exception, however, Pentatonix is focused on pop music… they should focus on metal, so they could kick some serious butt.  I challenge them to do something legendary with a metal song, perhaps an instrumental… not the main-stream metal, but awesome metal, like something from Tyr, Type O Negative, Dream Theater, Kamelot or Yngwie J. Malmsteen.  Think about it… it would be legendary.

In truth I am so impressed by these kids, here is another video that rocks (this is a Swedish House Mafia rendition): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YAcMgoSpDE

"Invidia" by Delain from April Rain


Charlotte Wessels rocks.  From here to Holland!  Yes they are my mortal enemy, but Delain rocks.  The red hair is awesome. Yes my wife confirmed she is awesome.  So there.  METAL!!!!!

"My Confession" by Kamelot from Silverthorn


I am going to level with you… I have been listening to a LOT of Kamelot lately…  Kamelot is from the US of A.  Yeah…  They must be one of the best bands E-V-E-R… because they made it to this tumblr page…  Whether it is Kamelot from Amerika or Camelot from America, they are the rulers of all that is most sacred and most metal.  They are uber-talented.  The vocalist is probably the most artsy of metal singers I have ever heard, lots of emotion there.  This song features the super cool  female string quartet Eklipse (I think it is 2x violins, 1x viola and 1x cello).  Let’s face it… whenever you replace a “c” with a “k”, that makes a difference… it is… M-E-T-A-L!!!!!!

"Canopus 3" by Serenity from Words Untold & Dreams Unlived


First track from the smash 2007 hit album from the band with the same name as the movie based on the series that… where am I going with this?  It does not matter… yeah, like you could call this a radio hit album, of course not, because no radio station is cool enough to play something this awesome.

Serenity is from Austria…  Austria sounds like metal…  I could start a heavy metal band right now called Austria and no one would dare question me.  Austria, because Austria is metal.  And so is Serenity.

In so many words, Serenity = Austria = Metal.

"Hurry Up" by Paul Gilbert from Get Out of My Yard


Paul Gilbert was one of the fast/technically proficient guitar virtuosi to emerge from the late 80’s; a trend that was initiated by the iconic Yngwie J. Malmsteen.  Paul Gilbert was (and still is) ridiculously fast, but when he was younger, it was definitely one of the talents he emphasized… and it was shamefully and ridiculously fast… I don’t know… 256th? 512th notes?

This particular track shows not only his technical prowess, but also his sheer talent for composition.  The tune is inspirational, and I dare say there are times I detect a bit of old KISS (more of the ALIVE and ALIVE 2 flavor) and obviously old Rush.

Anyway, enjoy.  Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year!

"The Root of All Evil" by Dream Theater from "Octavarium"


Please see post below.  Dream Theater rules and etc.  Really.  This is the first cut from “Octavarium” and it sets the tone for the whole album.  This is pure genius.  The headbanging should be intensive.